This is Takoyaki

A personal page, not necessarily food related

Think of it as a landing page. A place where I scribble something about myself, people do this nowadays. I guess it gives me a professional image, allows me to feel important having a flashy landing page to put on my business card. I should probably make one of those too. I think I'm supposed to put projects that I've worked on here, although I usually don't include this website in résumés, who knows, maybe you're an employer and got here somehow?



LCD Live Wallpaper

My first and only completed personal project so far (that I've shared online). I worked on this with a classmate back in university when we were still learning Android programming. Looking at the code now makes me cringe, but at least I know I made progress since then.

We didn't have much money as students so we chipped in to pay the fee to open a Google Developer Account. Our teacher promised we'll get a maximum grade on our exam if we have 2000 downloads by the day of the exam. It was a close call, on the day of the exam the report was missing only a few numbers. We convinced our teacher that because the report was for one day ago, surely we had the extra downloads we needed but they weren't shown yet. We passed. It took a while but we pretty much recovered the money we invested.

Since then, we got jobs, and we abandoned the project. It can still be found on the market, in both free and donate versions:

Free Version

Donate Version



Ah, yes, here is where I talk about myself in a good way.

I have 3 years of experience working mainly in C++ but also C# and JavaScript. Due to NDA agreements I cannot give more details.

I have one more year of experience working as an Android developer for Canvy.

Personally I tried many things, I have some OpenGL and GLSL experience, I once wanted to make a video game. I use both Windows and Linux, I even tried studying assembly at some point. Low level programming fascinates me.

I can easily adapt to new programming languages, I could say I'm a jack of all trades, but master of none.

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